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55 products

    55 products
    Aluminum Champagne Silver Hammered Large Bowl
    Aluminum Horse Sculpture
    Asymmetrical Contemporary Aluminum Bowl
    Balance Sculpture
    Black Hand Blown Glass Vase Tall
    Bubbles For Brains Sculpture
    Bubbles For Brains Sculpture
    Butterflies for Brains Sculpture
    Climb To The Top Sculpture
    Cobalt Blue Wood Bowl
    Cobalt Blue Wood Vase - small
    Cracked Edge Ebony Tray with Gold Interior
    from $408.00
    Cubist Sculpture
    Embers Iron Vase
    from $316.00
    Family of 3 Statue
    Ferdinand the Bull
    Fluted Hand-Blown Silver Glass Vase
    Friendship Statue
    Gittin It On Sculpture
    Grande Hand Bowl
    Hammered Aluminum Oval Vase Bright Silver
    Hand Sculpture (Open Hand)
    Hand Sculpture (Upward Hand)
    Julianna Round Horn and Shell Tiled Tray
    Magical Mushroom Aluminum Sculpture
    from $316.00
    Marden Glass Vase
    Ombre Glass Bowl
    from $324.00
    Oversized Smokey Glass Vase
    from $846.00
    Pompei Cast Aluminum Bowl
    from $568.00
    Predator Sculpture
    Rings and Things for Brains Sculpture
    Rough Gold Uneven Vase
    Rough Wash Grey Round Large Bowl
    Round Grotto Glass Footed Bowl
    from $392.00
    Ryman Ceramic Bowl Tall
    Shot Put-Left Sculpture
    Silver Wine Goblet Hand Blown Glass Vase
    Sleek Cobalt Blue Vase
    from $324.00
    Smokey Glass Fluted Small Vase
    Sphere Sculpture
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