Interior Design Consultation

Are you bored or tired of your space? Our innovative interior solutions are inspiring and functional for today’s lifestyle. We can give our professional advice for all things home related! A great place to start is with an interior design consultation with one of our amazing designers!

Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui consultations will be about you and your environment. It is as straight-forward as de-cluttering and enhancing areas of the home that require more energy flow by making simple corrections. The main areas that will be observed in this consultation are: health, wealth, marriage/partnership, children, family/staff, knowledge/wisdom, benefactors/customers, fame/reputation and career

Decorating Services

Unsure of how to decorate your space? We will take your thoughts and make sure your space becomes a retreat for you! Our expertise will help you find the best accents and decor to compliment existing or new furniture and get the most out of your space.

Mood Boards

Need help envisioning what you're looking for? A mood board is a collection of inspiration and ideas that evoke your style and concept. Our designers will create boards to visually communicate the feeling of your space with images, text, digital samples and potential furniture in a pleasing composition to help you picture your space!

Furnishing Consultation

Take your mood boards to the next step or jump right in with a furnishing package as big or small as you need! We will start with a consultation if you have not had one already to discuss all of your furnishing needs. We will then present our specific recommendations via furniture boards showing a complete look featuring products from our many amazing suppliers.

Colour Consultation

Need assistance picking the best color palette for your space? We will assist you in creating the perfect color palette for your home/office that reflects your lifestyle, desires and personality. It is important to put together the right combination of colors that will balance and harmonize your space. Color is about one's energy and selecting the correct palette will improve the flow of energy in your home and life. Being surrounded by the right colors will have you feeling high-spirited, relaxed, and at peace in your home.

Shopping Services

For larger projects such as show homes, Air BnB's, or if you just want a turn-key project and don't want the stress of doing it on your own we can do your basic home shopping for you too! Anything from accents, décor, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, bedding, bath and shower supplies, you name it. Even the smallest of items and those that are least though of can contribute to the design. We can add everything down to the final wall hook to ensure you home is ready for you.

Palette/Finish Selection

Properly selected material and finishes create an important sense of character and coherent design within you home. We can assist or complete your palette selections and give our expert advice as designers. With a cohesive palette your space should feel illuminating, welcoming, and connected.